Flexible licensing options to give you the freedom to choose what best supports your business


Perpetual license model provides the customer with use rights of the software in perpetuity. In this scenario, the initial one-time software fee provides perpetual right to use, to an agreed quantity of software. Perpetual license holders pay an annual fee to receive new upgrades/versions and support subject to the respective support agreement.


In subscription model, the customer does not have perpetual use rights to the software, but instead pays an annual subscription fee as part of a term contract. Standard support and maintenance is included with the subscription cost. Subscription term lengths are defined in the contract. After the end of subscription term, the right to use will be revoked if not renewed. There will be grace period as defined in the agreement.

Item Description Licensing Model
Monitoring Engine Core Components Perpetual Subscription
Visualization Engine
Reporting Engine
IT Helpdesk Module Optional
NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) Module
Licensing Fee - One Time Annual Recurring
Duration (Term) - N/A 3 Years
Support Fee - Annual (based on support agreement) Annual Recurring (included in subscription fee)
Maintenance / Version Upgrades - Annual (based on support agreement) Annual Recurring (included in subscription fee)