Easy to deploy. Easy to modify. Easy to scale.


Trace9 uses industry leading monitoring frameworks & technologies to monitor the health and performance of the entire IT infrastructure across physical, virtual and hybrid IT environments. The platform collects, analyzes and correlates data from multiple sources including databases, servers, network devices, virtualizations, websites, cloud services, etc. and enables its users to visualize & analyze the data with the help of customizable dashboards and reports to extract powerful operational intelligence. Trace9 architecture is highly scalable and adaptable to meet ever-growing business needs.





  • Clear & Powerful Analytics

    Insights that you need – delivered clear and fast

    - Perform root cause analysis

    - Real-time impact analysis of device failure

    - Visualize long term trends and patterns

  • Real-time Dashboards

    Get the whole picture; visualize KPIs data using dynamic charts and graphs

    - Customizable and scalable pre-built dashboards

    - Infrastructure & application / service specific views

    - Visualize data in form of charts, graphs, tables, and more!

  • Multitenancy & RBAC

    Restrict access based on people's roles within an organization

    - Granular access control and infrastructure segmentation

    - Monitor multiple customers' IT environments from a single dashboard

    - Get customer-specific alerts, and generate customer-specific reports.

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  • High-availability

    Frictionless monitoring experience; no downtime, no data loss

    - High availability deployment to provide redundancy

    - Always on and up to date, no matter what

    - Master-slave architecture for seamless HA failover / switchover

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Stay on top of what matters the most with intelligent alerting

    - Fine-tune your alerts with aggregated metrics and flexible thresholds

    - Route alerts to different teams based on severity, device, technology, or even time of the day.

    -Respond to alerts to acknowledge, schedule downtime, or escalate.




Data Retention

Store every data point for the duration you like. Visualize long term trends and patterns or drill down to individual values.


Multivendor Support

Monitor anything and everything that supports common protocols like SNMP, Syslog, WMI, ICMP, Agents etc.



Customizable reports allow you to format reports and schedule delivery in a way that works best for your business.


Audit Log

Track users actions to see who did what and when.

Trace9® Supports Multivendor Technologies & Solutions